Advantages of Lewiz

Cheaper energy

Part of your electricity bill will shortly be calculated on the basis of your peak consumption. Lewiz allows you to limit your peak consumption.

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You don’t have to do anything. On the basis of your preferences, Lewiz sends the energy automatically to the appliances that have priority at that time.

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Environmentally aware

You want to get the most out of your solar panels and buy as little extra energy as possible. Cheaper and better for the environment. Lewiz takes care of it.

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The energy market is becoming increasingly complex, because more and more electrical appliances are appearing in our homes. Lewiz makes sure that you can keep an eye on all this.  

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The Flemish government is pushing consumers towards renewable energy as part of the new climate plan. Lewiz plays an important role here.  

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Customized for you

You are in the driving seat at all times. Lewiz sets the optimal cruising speed for you depending on the local standards.

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Interessed in Lewiz?

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