As of 2022, fuel oil boilers may no longer be installed in new buildings. From 2026, it will be forbidden to connect new houses to natural gas. The Flemish government is realizing its intentions as regards focusing on sustainable and environmentally friendly heating techniques for homes.

That is why they are encouraging the installation of heat pumps by means of subsidies. These pumps run on electricity and are a major household consumer. To power them as efficiently as possible, Lewiz ensures that the heat pump uses energy when it is least needed to supply other household functions with electricity. This means that you remain below your peak consumption and you save twice over: by using less natural gas (which is to be taxed more heavily in the future) and by keeping your capacity peak to a minimum.

But it’s not just about heat pumps. Electric cars are increasingly set to be the means of transport of the future. And as you know, they run on electricity. Clearly, then, electricity is the power source of the future and saving consumption brings the biggest advantages.

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