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Thanks to smart management of your home battery, your charging station and other appliances connected to the system, Lewiz will select the most advantageous power supply for you. But this does not mean that you do not keep your fingers on the controls. You determine the maximum amount of energy that you want to use and find the best balance between your peak consumption and maintaining optimal comfort. Lewiz  helps you manage the energy you generate yourself as efficiently as possible. But you determine whether or not you want to use more.
Lewiz gives you control, an overview and insight, but you retain complete freedom.


Moreover, you can connect Lewiz to virtually all brands of inverter, charging station or smart meter.Lewiz operates independently of the hardware brand in your home. Lewiz’s software updates also comply with local regulations. The capacity rate is just one example of this.

The regulations on electricity consumption are set to change again in the future. When this happens, Lewiz will take the changes into account so that you are always offered the best possible advantage. Global players pay far less attention to this. Lewiz focuses on the market that is relevant for you.

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