Added value

A solar panel installation means opting for sustainability and cost efficiency. But now that reverse meters have been abolished and the capacity rate is being introduced, consumers have to deal mindfully with their energy consumption if they want to reduce their costs. Lewiz is the perfect assistant to help with this. Because no-one has time to keep an eye on which appliance is using what at every moment. Or how much energy is being generated by solar panels.

Lewiz interlinks these data and adjusts the power used by high-consumption appliances such as a charging station, home battery or heat pump on the basis of the power generated by the solar panels and the peak consumption set. By explaining this to your customers, you ensure that they receive what they want from their investment: a lower energy bill and a return on investment. That is added value for the customer.

This service increases your additional value as an installer. Which in turn improves customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth advertising. And that is your added value.

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