Clear tool

What is the output from my solar panels? When is it best to charge my car? How can I keep my peak consumption to a minimum? Lewiz answers a wide range of questions about energy management for your customer and automatically helps with optimization. As an experienced expert, you are a tower of strength, guiding your customers and thereby demonstrating your professional knowledge and reliability.

But Lewiz gives you, as an installer, additional advantages. Using the clearly organized dashboard, you can see at a glance how your customers can further improve their energy management. Without having to go along and see them. You can consult your customers’ energy situation remotely.

You can also see how your customer may be able to get an even better return on an additional investment in a house battery, for example. And how much electrical energy they would do best to buy. So you may be able to offer your customers additional services that they had not yet thought of, but which they are sure to be open to given the right data and arguments.

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