Why should I recommend Lewiz to my customers?

Easy installation

Lewiz has been designed by experts with respect for experts. The appliance is easy to install and connect. Consumers can download the software themselves.

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As an installer, you want to be prepared for the future. Lewiz gives you the tools you need to be more important to your customers, now and later on.

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Automatic optimization and updates

As an installer, you do not have to set many parameters. You simply determine the peak consumption. Lewiz does the rest.

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A new service model

As an installer, you can give your customers an additional service and help them meet their needs. Lewiz gives you the key to this

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Clear tool

Lewiz shows you at a glance where the opportunities are to be found for your customer. And perhaps for you, too.

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Added value

By recommending Lewiz to your customers, you give them what they really want: optimal return on their energy-saving investments.

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