What does Lewiz do?

Lewiz gives you an overview of the way the energy generated by your solar panels is used. So you can see when you generate energy and what you use. With this insight, you can adapt your behaviour to reduce the cost of additional power consumption. That is important now that surplus electricity generated is no longer returned to the meter. You optimize your investment in solar panels and limit your peak electricity consumption.

Lewiz is a combined solution. It consists of an appliance that is installed in your meter box and connected to an online software platform. Lewiz can be connected to the following appliances: the solar panel installation inverter, a home battery, the electric car charging station, the heat pump, the grid operator’s meter (both analogue and digital) and any other high-consumption items to which an extra energy meter is connected. So you can keep an eye on these high-consumption appliances at all times.

You decide on the maximum amount of energy that you wish to use and this way, you limit your peak consumption. This can be set by the installer, but you can also manage it yourself via an app that allows you to control Lewiz . Keeping your peak consumption to a minimum is important to limit your capacity rate: as of 1 July 2022, the tax on your electricity consumption is to be determined by your peak consumption.

Lewiz is very advantageous for everyone whose home includes one or more of the following: a solar panel installation, an electric car charging station and/or a heat pump. A number of these items will shortly become essential in our homes. Lewiz helps you keep your budget under control and manage your energy consumption as efficiently as possible when appliances are installed.

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