Added value

An installation in solar panels is a consumer’s choice for sustainability and cost efficiency. But with the abolition of the roll-back counter and the introduction of the capacity tariff, consumers need to be aware of their consumption if they want to still save costs effectively. Lewiz is the perfect assistant in this regard, as no one has time to keep track of which device is consuming what at any given moment, nor how much energy is currently being generated by the solar panels.

Lewiz links these data together and adjusts the electricity consumption of large consumers such as a charging station, home battery and heat pump according to the power generated by the solar panels and the chosen peak consumption. By making this clear to your customers, you make sure they get what they want from their investment: a lower energy bill and a return on investment. That is added value for the customer.

This service increases your added value as an installer. Which increases both customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth advertising. And that is your added value.

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