Clear tool

What return do I get from my solar panels? When is the best time to charge my car? How can I minimise my peak consumption? Lewiz answers your customer’s most diverse energy management questions and automatically assists in optimizing them. As an experienced professional, you are the rock in the fire to guide your customer and demonstrate your professional expertise and reliability.

But Lewiz also gives you as an installer additional benefits. The clear dashboard allows you to monitor at a glance how your customer can further improve his energy management, without you having to visit him. From a distance, you gain insight into your customer’s energy household.

In doing so, you will also gain insight into how your client might be able to get even more return from an additional investment in a home battery, for example. In this way, you might be able to offer additional things to your customers that they hadn’t thought of yet … but which, given the right information and argumentation, they will certainly be open to.

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