Easy installation

Lewiz is installed in the consumer’s power box and can be connected to the main energy users in a home: an electric car charging station, a heat pump, a home battery or other high-consumption appliances. Given the current electrification of our homes, you can be sure that consumers will increasingly be keeping an eye on efficient power consumption. Two out of three newly built homes are now fitted with solar panels.

So it is important to give consumers the tools to be able to deal mindfully with their electricity. As an installer, you are the essential link to connect Lewiz to the right devices, so we have made it as easy as possible, allowing you to achieve maximum effect for your customer with minimum effort. Customers can download a handy app in order to determine their peak consumption and see their power consumption and output.

So as an expert, you do not always have to intervene for every adjustment. But you can monitor the situation remotely and assist your customer if they wish.
Lewiz makes efficient electricity consumption management not only cheaper, but easier too.


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