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Lewiz is designed to communicate with the large electrical consumers in the home. Lewiz is horizontally positioned, and therefore independent. This means that the device can communicate with appliances from different suppliers. The list of these appliances is growing almost continuously, making Lewiz future-proof. Want to know which brands/devices are already integrated? Don’t hesitate to contact us for the most up-to-date information!

Lewiz communicates with connected devices via MODbus TCP or MODbus RS485. For communication to the server application, Lewiz uses the DLMS/COSEM protocol.

Lewiz has a lot of communication ports at its disposal:

  • LAN (Ethernet),
  • P1 to the digital meter,
  • RS485 MODbus master and Slave,
  • Pulse input,
  • Multiple USB connections (reserved for later expansions),
  • and the necessary I/O to add extension boards in the future with communication ports not yet present.

Lewiz’s technical specifications can be found at ‘Documentation’.

Besides interfacing with meters and devices important for controlling energy flows, 4 additional MODbus meters can be linked to Lewiz for separate monitoring of energy flows.

Currently, the number of devices you can link to Lewiz is set at:

  • 2 inverters (existing PV system or hybrid inverter with battery or battery inverter)
  • 2 charging stations (1 for control and 1 for monitoring)
  • 1 heat pump
  • 1 electric boiler control unit

Lewiz includes the following expansion options via I/O:

  • An expansion module that allows analogue power to be transmitted
  • An expansion module with analogue and digital I/O
  • A bluetooth module
  • A WiFi module
  • Several modules with application that will become clear in the coming years have interesting potential applications

Besides the energy flows of connected devices, which are also controlled, 4 additional energy flows can currently be measured.

The various energy flows are visualized via a web portal or a smartphone application with secure access.

Currently, two charging stations can be connected to Lewiz, one of which can be controlled and the second monitored.

If the inverters support MODbus communication, 2 inverters can be directly linked to Lewiz. Before installing the third inverter, an additional kWh meter should be installed for monitoring. If the inverters do not support MODbus communication, an additional kWh meter should be installed for each of the inverters.

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