Who is Lewiz?

The energy landscape is constantly changing. More and more households have both solar panels, a heat pump, a charging station and … in their homes. This complexity results in a high need for an affordable solution for independent and flexible energy monitoring. Years ago, these insights led to the cooperation between Xemex and Cast4all. Where Xemex provides the hardware, Cast4all provides the accompanying software. Together, the companies offer both large and small energy consumers the necessary tools to safely monitor solar energy, EV chargers or local storage. This results in an independent and reliable insight into the consumption, production, storage and management of energy, allowing customers to easily reduce their energy costs and manage their carbon footprint.

Xemex is an innovative and leading technology company dedicated to smart use of energy and providing groundbreaking communication solutions for monitoring and managing energy flows. For more than 25 years, Xemex has provided its clients with solutions and products for reading and communicating meter data. Xemex focuses first and foremost on the development and production of mobile and fixed network communication solutions for smart metering applications and solutions, independent of meter type and protocols.

Cast4all builds scalable end-to-end solutions for managing infrastructure such as solar farms, data centres and buildings. The basis of their solutions is the Single Independent Monitoring Platform (SIMPL). This platform provides seamless integration of meters/sensors (gas, water, electricity, humidity, etc.), communication networks (2G, 4G, GPRS/…) and data management systems.

With Lewiz, these partners are now jointly marketing a smart energy management solution tailored to consumers’ needs.

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