Easy installation

Lewiz is installed in the consumer’s electricity cabinet and can be connected to the main energy consumers in the home: an electric car charging point, a heat pump, a home battery or other large consumers. With the current electrification of our household, you can be sure that consumers will be increasingly mindful of how best to use electricity at home. That is why it is important to give consumers the tools to use their electricity consciously. As an installer, you are the indispensable link to connect Lewiz to the right facilities, so we have made that as simple as possible.

Lewiz features a QR code. Scanning this code leads you to a step-by-step process where the measurement channels are configured one by one via an installer app available on both iOS and Android. At the end, the installation is verified to make sure everything is working properly. In addition to interfacing with home installation devices, Lewiz also interfaces with SIMPL, Cast4ALL’s cloud-based energy management platform. After installation, you can use the SIMPL platform to monitor the installation remotely, allowing you to provide your customer with optimal assistance without having to physically come on site each time. This way, you can maximize the effect for your customer with the least effort. The customer can also download a handy app to determine his peak power via his smartphone and see where his consumption and efficiency lie.

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