Cheaper energy

As of 1 July 2022, part of your electricity bill (approximately one-third) will be calculated on the basis of your peak consumption, or maximum consumption at a given moment.
This is called the capacity rate. If you switch on multiple electrical appliances at the same time, then at a given moment you will use a lot of electricity at the same time. Just think about charging your electric car and powering your heat pump while you use all your kitchen appliances to prepare a meal, the children are watching television while they charge their mobile phones, etc.

Lewiz ensures that consumption is levelled and your peak consumption does not exceed the ceiling. This limits your capacity rate. You yourself determine the maximum amount of power that you wish to use at the same time and which appliances take priority.
For example, you can charge the car after the meal has been prepared.
This way, you never use too much at the same time and your capacity rate remains under control. Leading to a significant reduction in your electricity bill.

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