Household electrification is constantly increasing. We generate energy ourselves by installing solar panels. At the same time, we are bringing more and more appliances into our homes that run on electricity: heat pumps, electric cars, cooking appliances, etc. Even children’s toys increasingly involve electronics and therefore need electricity.

When should you charge what? How best do you regulate your electric household without using too much yet supplying everything with power as well as possible? Lewiz ensures smart management of the electricity generated and automatically selects the most advantageous power supply at all times. Via the app, Lewiz gives you an insight into your consumption pattern so that you can decide yourself how to deal sensibly with your power.

How much energy is generated and not used during the day? It may be worthwhile investing in a home battery so that you can benefit from this energy in the evening? You have an easy overview of the entire situation and once you have set your parameters, you no longer have to do anything.

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