Monitoring your peak consumption yourself and regulating the consumption of your appliances yourself by manually plugging in or plugging out? No thanks, that requires way too much time and effort. Fortunately, there is Lewiz to take the manual work out of your hands. Based on the priorities you set for your household and the maximum electricity peak you determine, Lewiz will determine when which connected appliances will be supplied with the necessary amount of power. That way, you never consume too much at once.

Via a handy app on your smartphone, Lewiz gives you a perfect overview of your current consumption. You can have the maximum peak set by your installer. Still want to intervene and change your preferences yourself? No problem at all. Via the app, you can set your own maximum energy consumption. Lewiz is at your service and pulls all the strings. But know that Lewiz will automatically choose the most economical power supply for you.

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