Cheaper energy

Since 1 January 2023, the capacity tariff has applied. This means that part of the electricity bill is calculated on the basis of peak consumption. The digital meter records your consumption every clockwise quarter-hour (e.g. between 10 am and 10.15 am). Each month, the quarter-hour with the highest average consumption constitutes the monthly peak. The system operator determines the monthly capacity tariff by recalculating the average of the twelve previous monthly peaks each month.

Those who have peaks in their consumption will consequently pay more than someone who spreads their consumption more evenly. How do you create a peak in your consumption? When you run many electrical appliances at the same time. Just think of charging your electric car and powering your heat pump while simultaneously using all the kitchen appliances to prepare food, the kids are watching TV while their mobile phone charges…

With Lewiz, you can keep your capacity tariff under control. The Home Energy Management system ensures that consumption is levelled and your peak consumption does not exceed a limited level. You set the maximum amount you want to consume at the same time and which appliances have priority. For example, that car can also charge after the meal is prepared. This way, you never use too much at once and your capacity tariff remains under control. As a result, you significantly reduce your electricity bill.

The remainder of your electricity bill is still calculated based on the amount of electricity you consume. Lewiz gives consumers in-depth insight into their personal consumption patterns, allowing them to use energy more wisely, thus reducing energy costs.

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