Environmentally aware

In the Netherlands, about 35% of all owner-occupied houses and almost 20% of all social housing already have solar panels on the roof. In Belgium, one in nine households already installed solar panels. This puts the Netherlands and Belgium in second and fifth place worldwide respectively for the number of solar panels per inhabitant. Fine, all that green generation, but what’s in it for you as a consumer? Because in Belgium, since 31 December, solar energy supplied back to your meter is no longer recalculated. In the Netherlands too, net-metering is being reduced step by step.

In addition to abolishing the reversing counter, both the Dutch and Belgian climate agreements agree that all cars sold new by 2030 must be ‘zero emission’. But when you get home in the evening and want to charge your car, the sun is often already not shining. The solar panels on your roof are not generating energy at that time, so you take all the energy you need to charge your car from the grid. This causes a spike in consumption, which can significantly increase your energy bill.

By monitoring and managing the main energy flows in the home, Lewiz ensures that electricity generation and consumption are optimally matched, so that excess electricity generated is used in the most useful way possible and the extra amount of energy required from the grid is minimised. This helps preserve the climate and keeps energy affordable for households.

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