Household electrification is increasing. We generate more and more energy ourselves by installing solar panels. At the same time, we are bringing more and more appliances into our homes that run on electricity, just think of heat pumps, electric cars, cooking appliances… Even the children’s toys increasingly run on electronics and thus need to be electrically powered.

So when should you charge what? How do you best regulate your electric household without consuming too much and still supplying everything with the best possible power? Lewiz cleverly controls the electricity generated and automatically chooses the most economical power supply at any time. Via the app, Lewiz gives you insight into your consumption pattern so you can decide for yourself how to use your energy wisely.

How much energy is generated and not consumed during the day? Perhaps the investment in a home battery is warranted to enjoy this energy more in the evening? You have an overview of all things in a very simple way and – once you have set your parameters – you don’t have to do anything yourself.

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